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About Tim

Tim set up Luminance Life having been thoroughly dissatisfied with his roles within security, property investment, clothing and finance. With a background in psychology, Tim retrained to be a psychotherapist and set up Luminance Life in 2020. In the last 3 years, Tim has helped well over 100 people live better, more rounded and happier lives.

In 2019 Tim went through an amicable divorce and still has a good relationship with his former wife and two wonderful children. As a result he has learnt a huge amount about how to manage life after divorce and specialises in helping people cope with this huge change.

Tim has personal experience with mental health, having suffered with addiction in his younger years and works extensively with recovering addicts. He is firmly of the belief that to relate and help someone, you have to have walked in their shoes, not learnt about it in a book.

Tim has worked with Footballers, CEO’s, Musicians and Armed Forces on the Performance Coaching side of the business and has worked with a huge range of people on the therapy side of Luminance Life. Tim works with clients all over the world and is based in Wiltshire, England.