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Please find below a selection of testimonials. Names and locations have been removed to protect patient privacy.


“Tim has been nothing but amazing for me. Thanks for the support through this and for being there for me in the future if I need further assistance.”


“Tim- I have had therapy since I was 14 and I am 21 now. I have never felt this connected to my anxiety or so in charge of my own destiny. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Working with you is a godsend.”


“I had never really thought about counselling before, despite some very low lows in my life. I have always chosen to ‘just’ carry on and deal with it myself. However, following an abusive and mentally degrading relationship, I found Tim. I was sceptical at first but I instantly found Tim easy to speak to and he really ‘got me’ and knew how to get me to open up and share experiences I had kept inside for a long time. His expertise and understanding are second to none and together we developed a suitable structure to help facilitate the sessions to suit my needs”.


“My name is XXXX and I was recently recommended Tim as a therapist. I have only had 2 sessions and can already say that I am feeling much more positive about myself. Tim is able to give me coping strategies, a spare ear to listen to my venting and a constant aid of support for myself. I just want to thank you very much and look forward to continue working alongside you!”


“Tim has made things clear to me in 5 weeks, in a way I haven’t been able to make clear to myself in 25 years”.


“Tim is so very refreshing compared with therapy I have had in the past. He truly understands, cares and seems to really know in his core what is happening with me. I have referred him to my mum and a friend because I know he will be brilliant for them too”.


“If I had known therapy was like it is working with Tim, I would have sought therapy years ago. That is my only regret from having found Tim.”


“I contacted Tim because I was dealing with a family problem, which was totally consuming me. I was finding it difficult to focus on anything else, including myself or any activity I usually enjoy. Tim helped me to turn this around and realise you can’t control every situation even if you believe the person in your life is making the wrong choices. I believe I learned to let go and accept what will be will be and as a result started to focus again on the positive things in my life. I needed an unfluffy , pragmatic approach, which Tim provided and I don’t believe I could have achieved this without Tim’s help for which am very grateful.”