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Psychotherapy Sessions, Corsham & Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire.


How does Psychotherapy work?
Psychotherapy is a form of therapy that aims to get to the root cause of issues, combining knowledge of how the brain functions with talking exercises to assist in processing and evaluating.


Looking for a Therapist in Wiltshire?.

Tim specialises in a form of therapy called Rational Emotional Behaviour Therapy, or REBT for short. This is the first school of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and is a practical form of therapy, helping put things in perspective whilst also dealing with issues of the past.


Coaching tends to have a set goal in mind and as such we often work to a specific number of weeks. Psychotherapy and counselling are different in that each client will have a different issue or issues they wish to address.


As such, we offer a free 15 minute initial call to discuss why you are looking at therapy and how we can assist. Everyone is unique and our therapy will be 100% bespoke to what you are seeking to address.


Following the call we can either look at a set period of sessions or a session by session package.


We cover many area’s such as Bath, Corsham, Bradford on Avon, Chippenham and Wiltshire.


Luminance Life is also aware that financially committing to therapy is a big deal so we can discuss fees during the call based on the issue at hand.