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Luminance Life is headed up by Tim Lambert, who is a qualified psychotherapist, counsellor and performance coach. Tim works with people from a wide variety of backgrounds in order to solve a problem and make a change. This can cover many areas, but the most common are:


– Anxiety
– Stress
– Depression
– Positive Thinking
– Happiness
– Couples Counselling
– Performance Improvement
– Maximising Potential
– Substance Dependence


In terms of psychotherapy, Tim specialises in Rational Emotional Behaviour Therapy (REBT).


Most often Tim works with individuals who wish to make a positive change but he also works with companies and teams helping invest in their staff’s wellbeing, confidence, motivation and growth.


The crucial aspect of coaching, counselling and psychotherapy is getting to the core issues and working together to address the issue. We then work back from that end goal and, together, get you there.


Luminance aims to change whole lives, not just an aspect of life.


Tim uses a number of proven psychological methods to help people achieve their goals and does not adhere to a ‘one size fits all’ mentality . Everything at Luminance is bespoke.